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Adobe Flash on Windows Server 2012

I was presented with a question from a user the other day. They needed to be able to use Adobe Flash on a Windows 2012 R2 server while using Internet Explorer. Apparently, they have regular users logging into the server to grab information from the web server application it was running. Aside from the blatant security issues of using Flash in IE and why they don’t access it remotely via HTTP, I don’t know, but I will be looking into it. So I started looking into installing Flash. The installer that they had downloaded, presumably from their machine, told me “Your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser includes the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player built-in.” Well, I went to the Adobe Flash test page, and it didn’t load Flash. So where was it? Well, after some digging, I finally discovered that while IE 11 does indeed contain Adobe Flash, it does not contain it on Windows Server 2012 unless you install the Desktop Experience. I only found one other webpage that appeared to mention this, so I thought I would help spread the word. If you need Adobe Flash on Server 2012, make sure you install the Desktop Experience feature. Keep in mind however that it will require not one, but two reboots. After you install the feature and reboot, it will apply settings at bootup, then reboot again.

Trusted Domain Exchange Environment

In the health system I work for, we have been tasked with taking our old AD domain and making it work within the new domain. Eventually, all computers will be converted to the new domain, but there are steps along the way before that date. One of those stages was to use Exchange from the other domain. We will call this The domain here at our local hospital is
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Upgrade from SharePoint Services 3.0 to SharePoint Foundation 2010 in 10 Steps

*Edit [11/23/2011]: Alright, if you tried these instructions before now, they probably didn’t work. I attempted this again, and found a lot of mistakes. I am reworking this now, and will be doing this one more time for good, so I might make a few more minor changes.

I recently needed to move a SPS 3.0 server to a new Foundation 2010 server. Now, Microsoft posts several documents on how to do this, but I think we all know that their documents aren’t always that helpful. I first tried to move the Sharepoint to another server, then do an updgrade, but it did not go so smoothly. So I tried it again using the “database attach” method. I did a lot of Googling, and tried an unbelievable number of things before I finally got the upgrade to work. I’ve collected my steps here. Hopefully, I remembered everything correctly. There were what seemed like a lot of steps, but it mostly went smoothly. Read on for my guide to upgraded to SharePoint Foundation 2010 and I hope it helps you with your upgrade. Continue reading Upgrade from SharePoint Services 3.0 to SharePoint Foundation 2010 in 10 Steps